Upgrade to Princess Gwenllian Centre, Kidwelly

The Princess Gwenllian Centre is at the heart of the Kidwelly community and is used for a range of activities, including concerts, meetings, functions and sports as well as being a drop-in centre for elderly residents and children.

Run by Kidwelly Town Council and officially opened in 2021, the centre has a well-equipped fitted kitchen and a large open area along with 2 office rooms, a 30 x 16 meters main sports hall as well as an indoor gym.

“The centre is impressive,” said Richard Carlson, “however although the centre is quite new, we had an emergency call from them at the end of October 2023 to say they had no heating or hot water which probably stemmed from the regular issues they were facing with their plant room.”

Upon visiting the site, it was evident that the systems installed in the plant room were not sufficient for the centre’s growing size, so upgrades would be required to prevent future problems.

“After understanding the energy usage requirements of the site, as well as the desire to reduce bills, we agreed with the centre that we would move and upgrade the plant room to improve the heating and hot water systems as well as install a Building Management System (BMS).”

AMROC started the project in November 2023 and after 5-weeks of being on-site, they had:

Moved the Plant Room
The plant room was moved from its original location next to reception to a more suitable location at the rear of the building that had served as a storage area.

This not only gave the plant room the space it needed for the new systems being installed but also allowed the plant room to be reconfigured allowing zonal control of the building, further reducing energy consumption.

They also installed an additional boiler to reception to serve as a stand-alone area due to its usage hours and the vulnerability of users.

Gas Connectivity
In order to power the new plant room, AMROC fitted a new, 2-inch valve to the mains gas line to power the plant room and the new heating and hot water systems.

Heating & Hot Water
The AMROC team installed two Ideal Evomax 2 boilers in a cascading format, a Boss Commercial Indirect Cylinder, as well as installed several new radiators along with the necessary pipework. These newer systems were more efficient, using less energy and thereby reducing bills.

These all supplied hot water and heating to the gym, toilets and changing areas, communal area and kitchen.

The team also installed new mixing valves and scold protectors to ensure young children and others using the centre we safe.

New BMS System
To control all aspects of the heating, hot water and lighting, a BMS was fitted which not only gave the management team at the site full control of the plant room but the automatic functions of the market-leading brand Kieback & Peter allowed them to maximise energy efficiencies and ultimately, save money.

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