AMROC Upgrades Heating and Hot Water at West Cross Day Service Centre

West Cross Day Service Centre has benefited from an upgrade to its heating and hot water systems thanks to the team at AMROC.

The centre provides services for adults with learning disabilities and helps individuals access education, develop skills and explore opportunities for constructive occupation.

With a range of scheduled and drop-in programmes on offer at the centre, heating and hot water are of vital importance and thanks to AMROC, the centre not only has these essentials, but they are saving on their bills too as Richard Carlson explained.

“Towards the end of 2022, we installed an Andrews ECOflo Compact Gas Fired Condensing Water Heater after the old unit had run its course and was causing regular problems.”

The new water heater had a range of benefits for the centre, including:
► More efficient use of fuel
► Lower running costs
► Longer and more efficient working life
And more.

“The team at the centre were so happy with the job we did on the heater that in October of 2023, we were called back to upgrade the old boilers.”

The AMROC team replaced the old units with two new 40Kw boilers in a cascading format, ensuring a constant level of heat as and when they need it and, being a modern design it’s more energy-efficient, saving the centre money on their monthly bills.

For more information on this type of installation, please contact:
[email protected]
► 01792 700820