As an approved contract partner with REHAU, the world’s leading provider of the Thermally Activated Building Structure (TABS) system, we work on construction projects to install a robust, reliable low-cost heating and cooling solution.

The TABS system works by running heated or chilled water through a network of pipes embedded within the concrete slabs and can be used in virtually any concrete structure.

Designed for new build structures, it’s the perfect solution to the challenge of:

  • Reducing Your Carbon Footprint
  • Reducing Energy Costs
  • Meeting Government Legislation on Net Zero

So if you’re in the initial M&E design stages of a new:

  • Office Block
  • Hospital
  • Transport Hub
  • Sport Arena
  • Retail Centre
  • Museumany
  • Any commercial/public building

Get in touch with our team and find out how REHAU TABS has been the system of choice for many of the major new-build projects in the UK.